Hack rail lighting in the cheapest way

Rail lighting

IKEA items used:

Per set :
KVARTAL single curtain rail
KVARTAL ceiling fixtures x2

My wife and I live in an apartment. We usually enjoy meals in balcony. So I placed a laptop table in the kitchen instead of a dining table.

Because of its size, I didn’t want to place a coffee table in the living room. But I needed a place to talk with visitors so I planned to use the laptop table as the coffee table this way. Normally, we put the table and lamps close to the wall, and bring them to the middle of the kitchen when my parents or friends are over.

Rail lighting from KVARTAL curtain rails

Rail lighting from KVARTAL curtain rails


For this, I needed a movable light. Using KVARTAL curtain rails and ceiling fixtures, I could make the BRASA pendant lamps into rail lighting. It was not so difficult but should be careful when tying the cord to the hook to prevent the lamps from slipping.

I think this technique can be easily used at any places which needs flexible lighting. Also it is much cheaper than buying a full set of rail lighting.

Attaching the pendant light to the KVARTAL curtain rails

~ SonienTaegi

Jules Yap