What’s your inner IKEA?

Do you channel an inner MALM or has a SÖDERHAMN within you? Well, you can find out right here on Buzzfeed. Just answer the 8 questions and the quiz will reveal your true IKEA persona. Much easier than a trip to the blue and yellow.

Me, JANSJÖ. You?

“You’re impossibly cute and always helpful, just like this adorable lil lamp.” Yup, that’s me. 🙂 What about you?

What's your IKEA spirit name quiz?

Of course, it makes no sense, especially if you speak Swedish. It’s like saying you’re truly Okeechobee and inside you lies a Maine. Oh well, don’t over analyse it, people, it’s just for fun.

And as a refresher … the IKEA naming convention (Thanks, Buzzfeed!)

  • Sofas, coffee tables, bookshelves, media storage and doorknobs are named after Swedish places.
  • Beds, wardrobes and hall furniture are named after Norwegian places.
  • Carpets are named after Danish places.
  • Dining tables and chairs are named after Finnish places.
  • Bathroom stuff is named after Swedish lakes and rivers.
  • Kitchen stuff is named after grammatical terms in Swedish.
  • Children’s items are named after mammals, birds, and adjectives in Swedish.
  • Bookcases are named after occupations in Swedish.
  • Kitchens are named after spices, herbs, fish, fruits, and berries.
  • Chairs and decks have Swedish men’s names.
  • And materials and curtains have Swedish women’s names.

Won’t they ever run out of names?

Now go check if you’re a GODMORGON? Link to quiz.

Jules Yap