Simple Headset Stand using IKEA candlestick

W​hen you are married, you realize that the 98% percent of the surface of the house belongs to wife and you get only the rest just for your office/desk which can be sanctioned by Wife Acceptance Factor i.e. cables, gadgetry etc.

My wife threatened to throw away my decade old Logitech headset because there was no place to hide it. A few days ago I bought a new headset a Kingston HyperX Cloud II and I couldn’t even think of the possibility of my precious moaning wife throwing away this brand new headset. Luckily for me, I spotted an new IKEA product with extremely high WAF value. Here comes the hack:


  • JATTEVIKTIG Candle holder (candlesticks) @ € 17,99 a pair!! Minimalistic full metal white candle sticks with smooth edges, coming in two different heights (primary headset over ear and secondary headset on ear).
  • White Rubber Cleaner (yeap that magical sponge which can clean any surface), can be found at any convenience store/super market.

JÄTTEVIKTIG candle holder

What you'll need


scissors (optionally), pencil, utility knife, Loctite glue (optionally)


The candlesticks consist of the main body and the small metallic candle holder, the idea is to make a cushion out of the rubber cleaner, which can fit in the metallic candle holder. So you can safely hang your headset without damaging the headset “beam” and avoid your headset slipping away from the stand.

Step 1: Select how much wide your cushion will be.

Place the small metallic candle holder against the rubber cleaner and mark the rubber cleaner, afterwards you will need to cut the rubber cleaner to create the wide surface head on top of the candlestick.

measure the sponge

Mark where you need to cut

Step 2: Mark the total surface of the cushion on the rubber cleaner

Place the candle stick against the wide area of the rubber cleaner and mark its perimeter.

Outline the shape of the candlestand

This is what you will need to cut out of the rubber cleaner sponge, once you cut the desired part then you have to mark it with the small central perimeter of the candle holder in order to create a vertical axis which will fit inside the candle holder.

Cut the sponge to fit

Cut sponge



Step 3: Install the cushion inside the candle holder and up to the candlestick.

Slot the cushion into the metal candleholder

Final Result:

Headset holder from IKEA candlestand

Headset stand from IKEA candlestand

Headset stand from IKEA candlestand

Do you hear it? No? It’s because my wife stopped moaning, happy man ready to spend some gaming time!!!


~ Zacharias​

Jules Yap