Styling the IKEA Billy Bookcases Oxberg Glass Doors

Here’s an idea to give the BILLY OXBERG doors a bit of style when you’re tired of seeing of the clutter behind the glass doors.


  • IKEA Billy Bookscases with Oxberg half glass doors
  • 1 x rolls Wallpaper
  • Spray Mount
  • Metal Ruler
  • Cutting Knife
  • Wallpaper Smoothing Tool



Measure the glass panels and cut wallpaper to fit.

Cut the wallpaper to size

Spray the backs of the paper panels with Spray Mount, leave a few seconds to go tacky, then stick the panels to the outside of the glass, smoothing out to the corners using a wallpaper smoothing tool.

Affix wallpaper to BILLY OXBERG glass doors

Fix knobs of choice to doors.

Billy OXBERG glass doors restyled

Full tutorial on my blog.

~ Molly

Jules Yap