How to add a study area under the KURA loft bed

IKEA item used: Kura bed

Our son will start the first class at school and we (me and my husband) decided we had to make room for a desk. We used the KURA bed, timber elements 4x4x100cm, some metal hangers to make everything more solid, some metal consoles to keep the desk wooden board and the new shelf, 20cm long metal plates to make the corners more rigid, long and short wood screws with conical head and some yellow-green paint from Ikea.

First we made the two base elements (you can see the yellow ones). We found only 4x4cm timber elements. We polished and painted them. We put the Kura bed above and we used long screws to keep them together. We used the long metal hangers in order to make the bed more stable. After that we cut the horizontal element from the original bed. We fixed the wooden boards (the desk and the shelf). And we decided, to use some metal plates as an additional measure to make everything more solid.

KURA Bed with study desk KURA Bed with study desk 1 KURA Bed with study desk 2 KURA Bed with study desk 3

~ Anca Rusu