Ho! Ho! Ho! LACK christmas decorations

We made a bunch of traditional, pixelated, Scandinavian Christmas hearts from old, discarded IKEA LACK® tables for the REUSE centre today!

REUSE is a centre dedicated to giving thrown stuff a new lease of life and we decked them out for christmas with our giant hearts based on traditional folk-papercraft.

In our LACK version, these became huge and pixelated.

LACK Christmas hearts

LACK Christmas decoration

LACK Christmas decoration

LACK Christmas decoration

About us:

A secret club is an art and design-initiative founded in London in 2009 by artist Annabelle Nielsen and graphic designer Kenn Munk. A secret club works with play as an artform.

An important part of our work consists of immersive art workshops/experiences where participants often create their own “souvenir”, as the souvenir is the perfect object for holding on to the shared experience of playing in our world.
In London we have worked with institutions such as Victora & Albert Museum, South London Gallery and Design Museum and The House of Fairy Tales for whom we’ve also developed design and events.

We believe that storytelling and collaborative play can teach children and grown-ups alike important social and creative skills that will be useful to them throughout their entire lives, no matter what path they take.

Our events always seek to create a temporary alternative world for the participants to enter and play in for a while before this world disappears to become a memory.

In 2011 we moved to Denmark where we’ve continued our work with creative and collaborative play and the creation of memories, amongst others for The Danish Film Institute, Aarhus Kunstbyggning and the local art cinema, Øst for Paradis, Tall Ships Races and Sculpture by the Sea.

Feel free to contact us with questions!

~ Kenn Munk