RAST Bedside Table to White Under Desk Mobile Printer Rack

Material used:

RAST Bedside Table
PATRULL Corner Bumper
Nail On Floor Slider
5 Tier Letter Case
Flat White Primer
White Spray Paint



  1. Assemble RAST Bedside Table, prepare the place for spray painting.
  2. Spray 2 coats of White primer, followed by 3 coats of white (flat) paint. (Allow at least 30 minutes to dry in between each coat.)
  3. When done, install the nail-on slider on the top corner of the table. (the top will be the new bottom.)


Then overturn the table & install the PATRULL Corner Bumper.

When dried, place the printer on the lower part. Then insert the letter Trays.

RAST printer rack

Now the printer rack can be placed underneath the table and slide out if I need to use the scanner.


~ Desmond Chia