Rolling EXPEDIT Headboard

EXPEDIT headboard

IKEA items used:

  • Expedit 2 x 4 cabinet
  • Kallax casters & Kallax inserts

Our bed has its feet at the edge of a window into our backyard and the head of the bed goes out into the room. We could have created a divider to define the sleeping space but we like the luxurious feeling of being in a big room and didn’t want to close it in. We also needed a “headboard” to include storage.

I’d been coveting the Expedit door & drawer inserts for quite a while and always prefer storage to be mobile. We’d already tried an Expedit as our headboard against a wall and my husband really liked it so I took the plunge.

Expedit headboard

As you can see, the drawer inserts face out into the room and the door inserts drop down on the bed side. The one thing I hadn’t thought through is the slight size difference between my years-old Expedit and the new Kallax units. In these photos it’s noticeable on the closed door furthest right.

EXPEDIT headboard

Oh, and the opening furthest left just has the door removed and the balance of the insert is still in place. Removed the door to accommodate my husband’s CPAP machine and the hose to the face mask, while keeping the other side nicely covered and uniform.


~ Christine Emerson