IKEA Hammarp countertop to kitchen wall storage

hammarp kitchen wall storage

It’s Hammarp Time!

Hammarp or other counter-tops can make great surfaces for setting wall storage when flipped vertically.

Hammarp kitchen wall storage

We’ve lived in our semi-restored Victorian (i.e. the facade’s still missing), closing on 2 decades, and so we’ve come to know why no one’s building them today — they’re nearly impossible to heat, and there’s no space on the ground: all the room’s over your head as you squeeze through a warren of tall, yet cramped rooms. Which comes to our hack.

Use wall storage parts attached to a butcher block counter top from IKEA for an attractive and modern looking place to hang your cook ware.

If you look at plain functionality, the Craftsmen style homes that came next (around here) were practically spaceships by comparison.

~ Leslie and Phil

Jules Yap