Ikea Duktig Play Kitchen Makeover

Ikea Duktig play kitchen makeover

I recently made over the IKEA Duktig Play Kitchen. It was super simple and has a huge impact in making the play kitchen colorful and fun.

Materials used:

  • Ikea Duktig play Kitchen
  • Spray paint in various colors
  • Scrapbook paper and Mod Podge

I started with the oven door, microwave door, the faucet, the sink and the handles. They all got a coat of Rustoleum‘s Titanium Silver to give them a brushed stainless look. Then I assembled the base sans the doors which got a few coats of Rustoleum Seaside.

Ikea Duktig play kitchen makeover - stone counter

Coming to the hutch – All the parts got painted separately with Rustoleum Sun Yellow. To add some fun detail to the kitchen, I mod-podged colorful scrapbook paper to the backs and the shelves.

For the counter – I used Krylon Make it Stone! in Charcoal Sand to give it the stone texture. It was best to use short bursts to get a well distributed texture. I followed it with a few coats of clear acrylic to seal it in.

That’s it!! I just assembled everything together as directed and there you are! The IKEA Duktig is so much more fun now!

More details on my blog.

~ Anika Kumar