Neatly Stacked LACKs


  • 4x30cm LACK and 1×110
  • MDF board 130x100cm, 8mm and some smaller parts

I wanted some space to store books but didn’t want to just hang some Lacks. But didn’t want to spend a lot of money as well so decided to do this.

Added MDF panel behind the LACK shelves for visual interest

You can very neatly space the shelves since the 110cm shelf will fit 3 30cm’s plus 10cm space in between. (30+10+30+10+30 to make it a bit more visual) Also keep the spacing around them 10 cm and it looks very neatly laid out.

I have also used 8mm mdf behind the board to make it appear to be “floating”, the same as the photo next to it.

I’ve painted the MDF board a bit rough, like concrete.

Now I still need some Lacks with small feet under my monitors but that’s on the list for the next visit to IKEA 🙂

Neatly stacked LACKs to create greater impact and visual cohesion

~ Richard Jungschläger