Leirvik bed with LED night lights

Leirvik bed with LED night lightsIKEA items used: Leirvik Bed

The IKEA Leirvik Bed Frame is top when it comes to stability and price. As my self-made bedside tables are quite small (intended) the night light need to be integrated in the bed directly. The following solution I’ve been thinking and successfully implemented:


  • 12V battery pack for 10 AA batteries
  • 28mm wood dowel
  • 5m cable
  • 2 LEDs
  • 2 mini-switches
  • Solder and shrink tube
  • cable ties

Tools used:

  • Forstner bit 20mm
  • drilling machine
  • Steel drill 7mm
  • saw
  • abrasive paper
  • wood oil
  • soldering iron
  • knife

First you have to remove the headboard of the bed frame. This is attached with with 2 Allen screws (left and right) and one in the middle (see installation instructions on the IKEA website).

Then cut 4 pieces from the wood dowel (about 10 cm long each). On 2 of these take out the inner material using the Forstner bit (about 5-7 cm deep) and pierce through with the normal drill bit.

wood dowels

Reduce the diameter at the points (with knife and sandpaper) of all 4 dowels. Unscrew the end cap from the back posts and use the screws (possible in pre-drilled holes) in the 2 not hollowed pieces of the wood dowels.

Screw these on the poles and ready is the foot side.

Leirvik bed with LED night lights

Sink the LEDs into the hollowed-out pieces for the head side and strip the cable ends. Enlarge the holes in the posts (from the screws of the removed head frame) slightly, so that the switch can be plugged in.

Also drill holes directly under the crossbar to run through the cable. Then pull cables from the two poles to one side (for the battery pack).

Leirvik bed with LED night lights

Leirvik bed with LED night lights

Leirvik bed with LED night lights

Connect the switch to the cable and submerge it into the post, so that they protrude from the holes behind. Solder the cables together and put the dowels in the posts. Make sure that you have enough “meat” cable for future repairs or modifications.

Leirvik bed with LED night lights

Now it comes to the power supply. Run the cables from both sides together and and connect them parallel to the battery box. Insert and test batteries. If everything works as it is supposed to: Attach the box and cables to the underside of the bed frame using cable ties. Finish the wood with oil if wanted.

German version here.

~ Ilovechaos