mood headboard

I needed a new headboard, and after having another project stopped for months, I really needed to do something about it. So I decided to try and have something done, the original idea it was to have something more temporary but after seeing the final result, I think I’ll keep this one instead. I did inspire myself with another hack I found on the site, and “tweaked” it a little bit.

I wanted to keep the headboard away from the heater in order to still have it fully functional in case I needed it, without having to move the headboard.


6 x Black LACK Tables


Cheap Remote Changing color LED stripe

color changing LED

2 x Black Hårte Lamp


+/- 50 screws 4,5 x 70mm


2 Wood Bars 300x70x40 – Pre-cut in 150x70x40


2 X 15mm Acrylic bars 1100×50 mm – sand papered on one side an one top


+ Some silver/aluminium tape, some clear tape, some double clear tape.

1. Assemble the 6 tables and the 2 acrylic bars flat on the floor, together with 3 of the wood bars.
I used some clear double sided tape to secure the acrylic bars in the middle of the tables before screwing the tables together. Acrylic bars have the sand papered side and top to the front.

On the bottom I placed the full headboard on top of 2 LACK Legs, and screwed it all together to the legs of the existing bed. I placed the fourth wood bar between the headboard and the bed, in order to give easy access to changing bed clothes and cleaning. I would say that it would be better if it had been a little thinner than the 40mm, but it works perfectly.

2. Making the LED lighting. After taking the pictures I have redone it properly with electric connectors instead of tape. (No pictures yet). I used the silver tape to cover the LED’s and to reflect light  to the front (like a mirror effect.)

3. Assembling the 2 Hårte lamps aligned with the acrylic bars. They have individual switches hidden at the back, easily reachable whether standing or laying down, as long as you know where they are.

Harte lamps installed

Harte lamp switches

4. After having it ready as I had planned, I decided to fix some of the LACK legs on the top making a 15cm top, enough for placing a book or something else on top of the headboard. I had to drill the legs on top in order to keep the top lamps in the same place as that was their ideal location.

The final result: (Looks even better live.)

IKEA LACK mood headboard

IKEA LACK mood headboard

IKEA LACK mood headboard

IKEA LACK mood headboard

IKEA LACK mood headboard

~ Britchenko PT