IKEA Gazebo made into the dressing room of my dreams

ikea dressing room hack

On IKEA’s website, they say. “With GUNNÖN gazebo/pergola you quickly create an extra room on your terrace or in the garden. The roof gives cooling shade for summer lunches – and if you are many, combine two for a larger outdoor room.

You can use this gazebo in different ways – freestanding, against an outer house wall, over the main entrance of your home or combine two to cover a larger area, whatever suits your needs.”

When they said it can be used in other ways, I don’t think they were thinking of this — an IKEA dressing room hack.

IKEA Items used:

GUNNÖN Gazebo, dark grey/grey, 238x233cm

Other materials and tools:

Ladder and Hammer

IKEA gazebo to dressing room hack: How did this happen?

Went to IKEA to find multiply clothes racks due to the amount of clothes that needed hanging. Walking around for quite some time I decided to sit and have a rest where the outdoor furniture was in Canberra.

Whilst sitting there I looked up and saw the GUNNÖN Gazebo (dark grey/grey, 238x233cm) and realised I could use it to set up my wardrobe.

I really enjoyed setting this up to display my clothes.

All I did was assemble it as per IKEA instructions inside the room I wanted as my dressing room.

There was no need to hack anything, actually. Once assembled, hang up the clothes up on the horizontal rails on 3 sides, leaving one side open as an entrance.

In the middle, I set up a dressing table and added an ottoman bench. It’s perfect for my needs and is working well.

Other thoughts …

You can omit the fabric canopy, or replace it with other material if you want a softer look or to blend with your decor.

To protect the flooring, consider adding felt pads to the underside of the feet.

The gazebo frame is made of durable powder-coated steel, so it’s maintenance-free and easy to take care of.

~ by Nadene H.