Norden Concealed Puzzle Table

IKEA Norden Concealed Puzzle Table

IKEA items used:
Norden Extendable Table

Other items used:
– 3 melamine panels cut to size
– leaf alignment pins
– felt
– quarter round

Melamine panels for the concealed puzzle table

Started with a regular Norden table. I had 3 melamine panels measured and cut at Home Depot. I then applied iron-on Melamine edge tape to the edges to cover up the exposed particle board.

Marking where the alignment pins go

Marking where the leaf-alignment pins should go.

Drilling pin holes

Made a simple jig out of wood scraps to help with drilling the pin holes.

Alignment pins inserted

Alignment pins inserted.

Testing the alignment

Moment of truth! Checking alignment of pins.

Checking the alignment

Adding quarter round to bottom face of panels so that they don’t slip out of place.

IKEA NORDEN covered in felt

Original Norden tabletop re-surfaced with felt.

500 pc puzzle in progress on IKEA NORDEN table

500-piece puzzle in progress.

IKEA Norden Concealed Puzzle Table

Puzzle concealed!

~ Kirby Szeto

Jules Yap