KALLAX Retail Counter Hack

KALLAX retail counter hack

Ikea Items Used: KALLAX 8 cubby shelf, STUBBARP legs (2)

This hack was created because I needed a lightweight, professional looking retail display counter for a trade show that I was going to be selling merchandise. I was having trouble finding retail counters that did not have glass but had a nice look to them. (I could not have a counter with glass because I was traveling over 2,000 miles and I was worried the road vibrations in my trailer would shatter the display glass.) After searching the internet for way to long I decided on the 8 cubby KALLAX. Once I committed to this piece as my “counter” I called my local plastics company to get a piece of Lexan glass cut to be my display glass. I also wanted to have a logo on the glass so I took the Lexan to a local sign shop and had them put the logo on the inside of the glass.

To create this hack, I started by assembling the KALLAX shelf. Next I added the STUBBARP legs on the corners with the hardware that is included. Finally I screwed on the display window with 8 small diameter screws.

My total investment to create this retail counter was: $214.99
KALLAX = $64.99
STUBBARP Legs = (2) $10.00
Lexan Glass = $85.00
Vinyl Logo = $45.00
Screws = $0.00 (I already had the screws)

~ Tristan Collins Garvin