T­Shaped Partner Desk from IKEA parts

T­Shaped Partner Desk from IKEA parts

IKEA Store Shopping List:

  • (1) Linnmon top 78¾ x 23⅝ (802.513.58)
  • (2) Linnmon top 39⅜ x 23⅝ (002.512.38)
  • (11) Adils table legs 27½ (102.179.71)
  • (1) Algot metal shelf with holes 31½ x 7⅛ (802.185.85)

Spare Parts Bins:

  • (6) 10mm x 40mm wood dowel (Part 101359)
  • (10) 1” metal screw ­ (Part 108443)

Extra Things You’ll Need:

  • A couple of pencils
  • ½­inch drill bit
  • ⅛­inch drill bit
  • Phillips ­head drill bit
  • Tape measure
  • Power drill with a full battery


1. Measure the long edge of the longest table and put three marks every six inches from the end.
2. Drill a hole in the center of the edge at each pencil mark. (⅝” is the center of 1¼” edge)
3. Measure and drill the same holes on the other long edge of the long table, and one short edge of each of the two smaller tables.
4. Once the holes are drilled, lay the long table top ­down and attach all of the legs.
5. Tap the dowels into the holes on the edges of the smaller tables.
6. Lay the smaller tables top­down adjacent to the long table piece, and put the pieces together with the dowels.
7. Put a pencil mark in the center of the Algot shelf. (The center of the 31½” shelf is 15¾”)
8. You should also put a pencil mark at the center of the long table. (The center of the 24¾” table is about 11¾)

T­Shaped Partner Desk from IKEA parts

T­Shaped Partner Desk from IKEA parts
9. Line up the center line on the Algot shelf with the center line on the table, you should see two of the pre­drilled holes on each small table matching up with the holes in the Algot shelf.
10.Put two screws through the Algot shelf into the lined up pre­drilled holes of the smaller tables to hold them together.
11.Drill pilot holes and add screws in the center of the Algot shelf and along the edge of the 78­inch table. ­ The table is hollow in the center, so be careful.
12.Put three legs on each of the remaining smaller tables.
13.Flip the whole thing over. (You may need to un­link the tables, flip them, and re­assemble.)

Watch a video of how I made it:

Link to video.

~ Bryan Shanafelt

Jules Yap