My IKEA KIVIK Sectional Grows Up

How to raise the KIVIK sectional

Materials: plywood, bolts, bed risers

About a year ago we bought a Kivik sectional from IKEA. We liked how comfy it was compared to the some of the other Ikea couches, but we didn’t like how low it was.

We thought we’d just add legs to the couch and it would be an easy upgrade. Boy were we wrong! There’s this little metal “leg” that attaches the sofa to the chaise, and there wasn’t a really good place to attach a leg there.

IKEA KIVIK metal leg

We came up with a simple solution, basically building a few plywood legs that could then be stuck inside of an upside down bed riser.

Bed risers as sofa legs

New wooden leg

You can read all the step by step details on my blog here. Then we adjusted some of the other legs to make our bed riser hack work better for the other legs as well.

The whole project cost less than $20! Such a steal! My sectional is now 3-4 inches taller than it was….and I can’t tell you how much I love this “grown up” Kivik!

KIVIK sectional with new taller legs

KIVIK sectional with new taller legs

~ Jill

Jules Yap