From Lappland to Nappland!

Items Used:

  • Lappland TV Storage Unit
  • Dioder Flexible LED Lighting Strip
  • Kallax Insert with Door x 3
  • Kallax Insert with 2 Drawers
  • White paint

So the time had come to update the darling daughter’s bedroom. The problem being, it’s a fairly small room with not a lot of options in bed placement.

The main wall has a window and a small recessed wardrobe which is opposite the door. To the left of the door is a chest of drawers. She needed more storage for the bits and pieces a tweenager accumulates, so this was my solution. The Lappland TV Storage unit, tuned on its side! I thought it was brilliant quite frankly!

It was reasonably simple.

I chose a bed first so that it would roughly match the square white style of the Lappland Unit.

Lappland TV Storage

After carefully measuring both items to make sure it fit (width of bedhead and inside height of Lappland, in original orientation) it was perfect, although we had to sacrifice the DVD shelf from the Lappland, which I thought would have made a great place for hanging medals…


Before assembling the unit, we cut a section from the bottom panel for the base of the bed to fit in so that the bed is sitting on the floor, not on the unit. (in the original position, this would be the right panel on the picture)

LAPPLAND TV unit as headboard and storage

We assembled the unit, (and by “we” I mean “me” whilst husband shook his head) leaving out the DVD shelf, and the back board with the cord hole. So basically the square outside and the smaller storage boxes.

LAPPLAND TV unit as headboard and storage

We fixed it to the wall, (and by “we” I mean “he”) so the boxes were along the top and left, obviously you can do either side. We then had to paint the left side panel white, as that was originally the bottom panel which was not white.

Added some drawers and doors, and some colour changing strip lights and it is done!

LAPPLAND TV unit as headboard and storage

We used some of the left over panelling to create a small desk between the unit and the wall, the same width as the unit, and added a chair for a small workstation.

Hope you like it.

~ Jenie Elliott

Jules Yap