LEGO Bricks as Door or Drawer Knobs

IKEA items used:

  • KALLAX Shelf
  • KALLAX Door or Drawers
  • LEGO Brick


  • 30mm M5 screw
  • 5mm spacer washer from PAX shoe shelf


  • 25mm M5 screw
  • normal washer

For real LEGO enthusiasts, IKEAhacking is like building with LEGO. So why not combine both? An easy way to do this is using LEGO bricks for IKEA door or drawer knobs.


What you need is a LEGO brick, a 30mm M5 screw and the spacer washer – mine comes from a leftover plug of a PAX shoe shelf. Put the screw in the back side of the door, put the spacer washer on the screw on the other side of the door, then screw on the LEGO brick. The spacer washer allows you to easily grip your new door knob.

Using LEGO bricks as door knobs


LEGO bricks door knob

LEGO bricks door knob

You can also mount the brick directly to the door without a spacer washer, but you have to use a shorter 25mm screw and a normal washer (without the washer the brick gets damaged by the screw). With this version, it is a little harder to grip the knob, but works just as good.

Mount brick directly on door

LEGO bricks door knob

You can also use smaller or larger bricks than shown in the picture, most of them will work with M5 screws. Find more detailed step-by-step instructions on snapguide.

… and in case you noticed the other door that was mounted on the KALLAX shelf: That is an outcome of my previous IKEAhack, the “BEST(A) LEGO shelves“. To learn more, visit this link.

~ Martin Storbeck