Have a small bedroom but need lots of storage? Then this Hack is for you! Tons of drawer space plus lots of hidden under bed storage!

malm platform storage bed

Malm platform storage bed and stuva


Materials List

  • Stuva Combination with drawers
  • Rill wheels
  • Malm 3 drawer
  • Malm 6 drawer
  • Bekvam step stool
  • Fjellse bed

Step 1: Cut the legs off the Fjellse bed.

malm bed legs

Step 2: Secure a 2×4 to the wall aligned with the top of the Malm chests. (To make it easier to get the correct height, push the 3-drawer chest against the wall temporarily.)

malm bed 2x4

Step 3: Rest the bedframe on the wall 2×4 and the Malm chests. Place the bedframe on top of the Malm chests so that there is room to roll the Stuva under at the foot of the bed. Secure the bedframe to the wall using a 1×4. Add slates to the bedframe.

malm platform bed

Step 4: Construct center supports using 3-2x4s. To make leveling out easier, we added adjustable feet.

malm bed feet

Step 5: Using an L-bracket, secure the Malm 3-drawer and the 6-drawer together. Attach the legs to the center rail of the bedframe using 2 L-brackets.

malm 3

Step 6: Secure the rill wheels to the bottom of the Stuva. Roll Stuva in the gap at the foot of the bed.


Jules Yap