Queen-size MALM Murphy Hack

Materials: Queen size IKEA MALM bed, 1 8×4 sheet of wood, nails, hammer, 2 70 lb bags concrete, gate hinges, fishing line

1. Secure the bed slats on the MALM bed with fishing line.

2. Chop off the legs.

3. Build a box to put concrete (for counterweight) and attach hinges and bed to.

4. Attach bed to hinges and box.

5. Cut out 2 opposing side legs that correspond to the height of the hinge that the bed is attached to.

6. Attach new legs to hinges.

7. Calculate the spring constant, k, of the gate springs.

8. Pick optimal spot to attach gate spring to bed and weighting box using spring constant. Warning: most of the bed frame is actually hallow. I recommend using the edge of the legs.

~ Clay Woolam, San Fransisco