Simple RAST Dresser Upgrade

Simple RAST Dresser Upgrade

Time: 45 minutes + Drying time (Overnight)

Cost: $48!


  • Ikea Rast Dresser $10 on craigslist ($35 new)
  • Sand Paper $1
  • White Spray Paint $4
  • Spray Grip $3
  • Minwax Wood Stain in English Chestnut $5
  • 6 x Drawer Pulls  $24 incl. shipping
  • Tarp from the dollar store $1

My husband wanted a small dresser in his closet and since it was going to be tucked away, we didn’t want to spend too much on it. I found an IKEA Rast Dresser on Craigslist for $10. The bonus of getting gently used IKEA furniture is that you don’t have to assemble it! You can set a notification on Craigslist for keywords. You’ll get an email when one gets posted and you can wait for one in excellent condition.

We laid a tarp on our deck and sanded the entire dresser. Then we spray painted the drawers white and let them dry while Alex stained the frame with Minwax stain in English Chestnut. We bought 6 drawer pulls (on sale) from for $24 (including shipping). I also found some nice pulls on etsy for a good price, but not as great of a deal. World Market has really inexpensive knobs, as well, if you’re into that quirky/eclectic look.

This was a really easy project and we’re happy the closet’s more organized and a little cuter.

Simple RAST Dresser Upgrade

~ Mina

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