BESTÅ living room storage goes custom width

Right after I finished installing 3D decorative panels on my living room’s TV wall I went on a hunt for a piece of furniture that would fit into both pillars. Some slick, modern and that offered plenty of storage, yet keeping the new wall as focal point. Most modern/contemporary storage units range from 900 up to 2K. BESTÅ solution seemed to suit my needs better.

To fill the entire wall’s width (99,5″) I needed at least 2 BESTÅ frames (47,25″ each). Both frames together (94,5″) wouldn’t be enough to cover the entire width. I came up with the idea of extending the storage 2,5″ each side, that would keep the frames centered giving it a look of custom design solution.


  • 2 wide BESTÅ frames (47 1/4 x 15 3/4 x 25 1/4″). Plus high gloss black doors/drawers and black smoked glass doors for media IR devices.
  • 1 color-matching BESTÅ door picked from IKEA’s As-Is section.
  • 1  2″ X 1.5″ wood stood
  • Wood screws
  • Gorilla glue

Drafted the intended design to define addition specs.

Initial draft

Extension is formed by adding L-shaped frames on each side of the storage. Using the 2″ x 1.5″ studs, cut at 45 degree angle and glue them together, screw them too for max strength.

Building extension frames

According to the specs, cut the color-matching door to create the 3 pieces (Front, top and visible side) that would cover each extension. Then glue them to the L-shape stood frames and if possible, screw them from the inside since doing it otherwise would mess up the finish.

Covers added to the extension frame.
Covers added to the extension frame.

Once all the pieces are put together, let the glue dry thoroughly (For at least 24-hr).

Attach each extension to the side of the BESTÅ frame with glue and screw it from the inside of the storage unit. Then place both storage frames side-by-side and using provided screws, firmly join both frames.

Assembled Assembled 2

Project turned out exactly as planned, 99,5″ wide to fit snugly into the available space.

BESTÅ living room storage - Final Width

Then piece together all components (Shelves, doors, drawers..). Since glass-top sold by IKEA did not cover the whole width of my new storage, I had it custom-cut by a glass store. It was delivered on grey smoke color so I had to coat black the underneath.

BESTÅ living room storage finished
Besta TV storage finsihed – Front view
BESTÅ living room storage  - Sideview Finished
BESTÅ living room storage finished – Side view

Besta living room storage front


Finished 2