Hide your electronic devices behind the TV

I wanted to get rid of the devices around my TV (decoder, router, hard drive, Android box, and of course cables!); so my TV stand (or the furniture I’m using for it) would seem to be more clean.

– PRÖJS Desk pad
– Fish line
– VESA mounting screws

Because my TV is in a stand, I used the VESA mounting holes (mine has two) to hang the desk pad and (of course) the devices attached with fish line to it.

1.  Take the desk pad and do measures to highlight the location of the screws
2.  Mark with a ball pen the space needed for the devices (NOTE: leave some space for cables)
3.  Make holes for VESA screws and to pass the fish line

Hide your electronic devices - Step 3

4.  Attach the devices and tighten the fish line
5.  Be sure everything is OK
6.  Attach the desk pad to the TV using the VESA screws

Hide your electronic devices

7. Connect all cables
8. Test everything is up and running

Hide your electronic devices

To me it was really good to have all this stuff ‘out of my sight’, and the desk pad is good to manage and heavy to attach all electronic devices (not all I have, unfortunately!).

Regards from Belgium!

-Iñaki P.