Massive IKEA IVAR Workstation

Massive IKEA IVAR workstation

I was searching for the right height standing workstation for months until I came across the IVAR system from IKEA. It’s completely modular so you can set the desk height and cabinet configuration however you’d like. Some of the structure pieces (near my monitors) get in the way, so I cut those out and added shelf brackets . Though since I cut out the original supports, just to be safe I don’t put anything too heavy above an area I cut away.

IKEA items used: IVAR Parts (I attached a IKEA shopping list of the parts I used)

IVAR workstation supports

IVAR workstation - posts cut

IVAR workstation - organization




This is a massive workstation that’s over 7 feet tall. All the pieces from IKEA for the pictured configuration cost me about $600. I used a 3D printer to create custom end grain caps and hooks.

Also I wrote an instructable on it.

~ Justin Wilcott