RIBBA photo frames for retro video games

IKEA Ribba frames for retro video games

IKEA Ribba frames for retro video games

Michael Rosskopf emailed me about the retro video games system they’ve made. What’s cool is that it lives in two RIBBA frames.

From their site, it says it “is an open-source gaming system powered by an Arduino Mega 2560. The games are displayed on a 32 * 32 RGB LED panel which fits perfectly into a picture frame. The idea behind this intriguingly simple concept is to pare the game play down to its very essence without compromising action, speed, and fun.”

Michael and Thomas even gave it a cute name, LEDmePlay.

You can play retro games inspired by Pac Man, Space Invaders, Centipede and a few more. Now I wish I understand all the Arduino stuff to make one.

pacer - pac man inspired retro video games invaders - space invaders inspired retro video games

They have presented their creation several times at different Maker Faires in Germany and met with great success. People seem to love the look and feel of this gaming system, which throws back to the good ol’ days of dot-matrix screens.

View the construction manual.
View the games.
Visit the site.