Floor to Ceiling Kids Playhouse under IKEA Loft Bed

Floor to Ceiling Kids Playhouse under IKEA Loft Bed

Floor to Ceiling Kids Playhouse under IKEA Loft Bed

IKEA items used: IKEA Tromso Loft Bed, IKEA Trofast Storage Stair shaped frame

We started with a Tromso loft bed because it was the tallest I could find at 64 5/8” from floor to bottom of bed. (I’m 5’1″ and I can stand in the house!)

We removed the latter and then moved the entrance to the bed from the side to the foot of the bed by cutting and opening with a sawzall.

We attached the bed posts to the studs in the walls with U hooks and screws so it would be stable. I used pieces of pool noodles to insulate the legs so the U hooks wouldn’t scrape the metal and the bed wouldn’t wiggle.

We measured the room, and created a rough blueprint of how big the house would be.

We then used 1 1/4″ PVC and attached it to the outside legs of the bed with hose clamps. This created a square frame to connect the siding to.

On the upper floor and the top half of lower part of the house, we measured, cut windows, and attached plywood siding to the PVC with self-tapping screws. On the bottom of the house we used fake brick paneling that I painted white and attached with self-tapping screws.

tromso playhouse 8

tromso playhouse 6

We used piano hinges and attached a piece of wood as the roof. Then we used a staple gun to attach actual shingles. This made it weigh A LOT! But I was insisting that it look authentic. My husband thinks I’m crazy.

I used moulding pieces that I painted blue for around the door, windows, and to hide the seems between the siding and the brick paneling. I used old pieces of tile from our bathroom remodel as corners for the window and door moulding so I wouldn’t have to miter them.

tromso playhouse 7

tromso playhouse 9

We put the Trofast Storage stairs up to the side of the house and then used an existing dresser that happened to be the perfect height, as the final step.

tromso playhouse 3

tromso playhouse 2

As final touches, I put contact paper on the inside of the siding and around the PVC pipes. Then I added the window boxes, address, little ‘door-bell’ and #4 address. Finally, I cushioned and upholstered the siding that encloses the bed so if my daughter rolls around in her sleep, she won’t hit a hard piece of wood!

tromso playhouse 1

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