Lack Hifi Rack

IKEA Hifi Rack in use

Built with: 3x Lack tables, 8x Ekby Stödis bracket, 4x Rill casters, Fixa screws, (still to come: cable management with “fixa cable management set”.

1) Assemble two Lack tables.

2) Stack them and glue them together with a third table top as the base.

3) Place 10-20 kg weight on the construction and wait for the glue to cure.

4) Screw 8 Ekby Stödis brackets at the points where the table legs were glued to the next table top.

5) Turn the construction upside down.

6) Screw the 4 rills casters at each of the four corners.

7) Turn it in the right position again and it’s ready to use.

Remark: The legs of the third table are not needed.

IKEA Lack Hifi Rack

~ by Frank