LACK TV Stand at twice the length

Lack tv stand at twice the length

IKEA items used:

  • 3 LACK TV Stands (3rd one for extra parts only)
  • 2 Maximera Drawer frames – one 80 width x 60 depth, and one 60 width x 60 depth.
  • 2 Veddinge drawer front 80 x 20 yellow white (as LACK TV Stand is more off white than white!!)
  • 2 Veddinge Plinth yellow white
  • Capita legs – 2 packs of four
  • 3 Malm glass top – transparent 160cm, 80cm and 40 cm.
  • Metod legs


LACK TV stand

Before following the LACK instructions, you will need to mark and drill the fixings for the drawers on 3 of the side panels that will be on the left hand side of the stand. (Following the instructions in the drawer pack for this.)

Also mark and drill appropriate holes in one of LACK stands – top and bottom- to fix the 3rd side panel (taken from the 3rd LACK unit) in the middle – approx 80cm in (this will be the left hand side of the first drawer and the right hand side of the second drawer.

Adding drawers to the Lack tv stand Lack tv stand at twice the length

You will also have to make holes in the appropriate place in one of the drawer fronts to attached the drawer front, as the second drawer frame is 60 wide, but will be fixed to the 80 wide drawer front to cover the gap between the two separate stands.

Build two of the LACK TV stands as normal now – (remembering to put the extra side panel in the extra drilled holes,) but instead of using the LACK legs use 4 of the CAPITA legs at the edges – mine are 7 cm in to allow for the plinth to be back from the bottom edge of the cabinet. (The screws can go straight in – no need to drill for this).

The remaining 4 of CAPITA legs should now be used to join the two stands together – the extra legs in the middle will also add stability to the stand.

Add glass top to the top and the top frame from the third LACK.

~ Hacked by Charlotte Lemom

Jules Yap