How-to: Reinforce the Maximera Drawer Dividers

Here’s my hack of the IKEA kitchen drawer divider Maximera.

We use the 80cm wide high divider for a drawer to store pots and other heavy stuff. The Maximera only has some small friction pads to hold its position, too weak for our heavy pots. So I first decided to bolt the upper part of the dividers, but that did not solved the problem. Unfortunately, it is not possible to bolt it also at the lower part where the friction pads are, so I decided to solve the problem in a different way.

maximera drawer divider foot-1

As I did not found something sufficient in the home improvement store, I printed four plastic parts that grip around the sides of the drawer divider, and that can be bolted into the metal chassis of the drawer. Now the dividers cannot move anymore.

Reinforcing the Maximera Drawer Dividers

Reinforcing the Maximera Drawer Dividers

To mount the maxima foot, as I call them, you have first to unmount the Maxima divider. Then you simply push the foot over the friction pad of the side plastic parts. There, the foot can move up and down. Then you mount the divider again, moves it to the right position and then drill some 2mm holes through the foot and the drawer. Last step is to fix it with some small bolts.

The SLT file of the plastic parts can be downloaded on my website.

~ by Jan