Kids toy car park storage shelves

This shoe wardrobe is sooooo old I can’t find it on any IKEA sites and I can’t find the usual sticker, but I’m guessing there’s others out there!

It was actually the first ever piece of IKEA furniture I bought… It could just as easily be made from a cut down BILLY bookcase, or any other old IKEA shelving unit at hand.

So this is it before I started, with the sliding doors removed.

toy car park

I bought some black paper, a white pen and some yellow and black chevron tape.

I marked up some parking bays on the paper, stuck it to the shelves with double sided tape and then used the chevron tape to mark the to parking zone on one end, and the edges to make it look more industrial.

toy car park

Done! Sonny boy loves it and I don’t trip over tiny cars in the kitchen anymore!

Hope you like it!

~ by Sarah

Jules Yap