Waterproof pillow cover from IKEA Tutig Babycare mat

Waterproof pillow cover from IKEA Tutig Babycare mat

It’s a waterproof pillow cover hacked from the IKEA Tutig Babycare mat.

After the 3rd night in a row of washing a pillow that had been peed on and peed on again (toddlers :/ ), I knew I needed a better solution than putting the pillow through several dryer cycles and fighting it back into shape.

The Tutig baby care mat folded in half lengthwise is the perfect size to cover a normal bed pillow. I simply added plastic snaps all the way around with my snap pliers (Babyland or KAM snaps work well) and voila a waterproof pillow case for my toddlers pillow.

You could easily use a sewing machine or handstitch as well, I simply went for the most convenient option.
I have not had to wash the pillow once since. In the case of an accident I simply wash the outer cover and the waterproof cover.

The best part is it’s completely unnoticeable, it could even be used on an adults pillow for heavy droolers 😉

~ Jamie McMillan