METOD for the bathroom

I had an old double bathroom sink in a terrible state when I bought the house.
The contractor working in my house, told me to throw this old disgusting bathroom furniture.
I was doubtful about the statement and decided to give it a try and to give it a new life.
After some reflection, I decided to try looking at the IKEA METOD meant for kitchen only.

IKEA items:

  • 1 x 902.056.29 METOD 80x37x80 BLACK
  • 2 x 602.056.78 Tingsryd front 80 x 20 BLACK
  • 1 x 802.046.30 Maximera 80x 37 Low drawer
  • 1 x 802.056.82 Tingsryd frond 80 x40 BLACK
  • 1 x 002.214.50 Maximera 80 x 37 Top drawer
  • 1 x 402.807.82 Tingsryd plinth BLACK
  • 2 x 001.166.99 Vinna handle

It’s simple.
I took the metal milk (bar) we normally use in the upper front to reinforce the structure, fold the ends 90 degrees and integrate it at the desired height.

I also remote the wall brackets from 1 distance to have it directly on the wall and finish it properly with silicone.




metod for bathroom-1

metod for bathroom-4

metod for bathroom

metod for bathroom

~ by Michel Van Haudenhuyse