Laundry room countertop: We made it float

We need a laundry room countertop measuring 67” x 34”. Normal countertops are 26 inches deep and leave a gaping hole in the back for items to disappear. We were also needing additional storage space with room to hang garments.




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  • Shelves/Counter
  • 10”x72” white laminate shelf – cut to fit length
  • 1”x2” pine board – cut to fit length
  • Aluminum bracket for blinds
  • EKBY Bjarnum Brackets – Ikea
  • EKBY Jarpen 46 7/8”x11” – Ikea
  • LILLTRASK counter top 98” – Ikea
  • FIXA countertop support – Ikea
  • Metal plates
Base Cabinet – IKEA
  • HAGGEBY Door 12×30 (2)
  • SE Base cabinet 12x24x30
  • UTRUSTA cabinet pull-out 12” (002.724.73 – may be disc, see photo)
  • ORRNAS Handle
  • VARIERA recycling bin
  • VARIERA lid
Wall Cabinet – IKEA
  • HAGGEBY Door 12×30 (2)
  • SEKTION wall cabinet 24×14 3/4×30
  • 2 x UTRUSTA hinge
  • UTRUSTA shelf
  • UTRUSTA hinge damper
  • ORRNAS Handle
  • BJARNUM Folding Hook – Ikea
  • Flexible Foam (4 yards) – Joanne Fabrics
  • Clothing rod – left over from a closet

The Laundry Room Project

Wall cabinet installed first in the top right side with the EKBY shelf to the left to create an even shelf across the top. We have a built-in cabinet on the left so we had to make sure there was enough space for the cabinet door to swing open and clearance to hang clothes on the clothing rod.


We had just over 12 inches of space between the washer and dryer for a cabinet. Dog food storage was essential so we opted for a cabinet that had a pull-out for easy access.

The standard base cabinet wasn’t tall enough to be flush with the washer and dryer so we cut a few spare pieces of laminate board to increase the height. Using the spaces from the wall cabinet and an extra HAGGEBY door, we were able to create a small panel to match the door below.


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DIY floating laundry room countertop

Since the countertop doesn’t span the entire depth of the washer/dryer, we decided to create another shelf that was slightly elevated. First the laminate counter was cut to fit using a circular saw with a blade with plenty of teeth (lots of research online) using blue painters tape to prevent chipping.

Next we screwed metal plates to the bottom of the counter top so that about an inch overlapped. We then attached the 1×2 pine board (painted gray) to the overlapping metal plate. This gave us one support for the 10” elevated laminate shelf. An aluminum rod for blinds worked well for the second support on the back wall.



We wrapped the top of the washer and dryer with flexible foam to prevent movement and unnecessary noise. The countertop is supported by the middle base cabinet and FIXA supports on the left and right wall. Since there is some weight to the laundry room countertop we opted not to secure it to either support. The 10” laminate shelf floats on the two supports for easy access behind the W/D if necessary. I was able to use a file to cut out the frame of the access panel in the laminate shelf for a flush mount.




laundry room hack

After: Our laundry room countertop all done

IMG_3738 IMG_3737 IMG_3736

~ by Jennifer Campos