7 easy steps to transform an IKEA stool into a cute table

7 easy steps to transform an IKEA stool into a cute table

I propose to you to transform a piece of furniture that almost everybody has in their homes, the FROSTA stool from IKEA.


– An IKEA FROSTA stool
– Spray paint
– Drill
– Cork
– Paper tape
– Double-sided tape
– Sandpaper
– Compass


Approximately 40€


Mark where the legs should go

If your stool is already assembled, disassemble it. If you bought it to make this tutorial then unpack it and let’s go!

Draw a circle on the back and on the center of the tray of your future table. This circle is going to help you to position the legs in a triangle. Once the position of the legs is defined, draw their outlines.

The legs of your stool already have their holes, so mark their location on the back of the tray.

Drill new holes for the legs

Now drill the holes in the back of the tray. If you are afraid of drilling through the tray, then you can do this: insert the bit in an existing hole in the back of the tray, and wrap adhesive tape around the bit to mark the place where you will have to stop drilling.

Screw the legs in the back of the tray using the material supplied with the stool.

Tape off the legs and spray paint

Sand the tray and the legs. This will remove the layer of varnish, and the paint which you will apply will have a better hold.

Protect the edge of the tray with the paper tape.

If you want that your table seems to wear socks, then delimit an area of 8 centimeters in height on each leg. Cover these zones with the paper tape to protect them from the paint.

Spray paint

With the paper tape recover the screws of your table.

Prepare the place where you are going to paint, outside or in a well ventilated basement. Protect the floor as well as the walls or the objects in the surroundings with newspaper, cardboard or plastic. The particles of paint could settle there and damage the place, so protect it well! You can also wear a mask, gloves and clothes which you can make dirty.

Position your table with the top of the tray against the ground so that the paint does not get on it.

Spray a coat of primer. The primer is a base which we apply to surfaces to be painted to make them smooth and uniform. Let it dry for 2 to 4 hours, according to the temperature and the humidity of the environment.

Spray one or two coats of paint. Let the first coat dry for 30 minutes, then spray the second coat. Let it dry again for 30 minutes or more depending on your environment.

Finally spray a coat of satin clear varnish and let it dry for 24 hours.

You can use paint nozzles of different sizes. Here I used a nozzle, which allows a fine spray, ideal for spraying the thin legs of our table.

Make the skirt around the table

Using the template above, cut seventeen scales from your cork. The eighteenth scale will measure a little bit more than 6 centimeters in width. When the 17 scales are set, measure the exact width of the eighteenth.

I used cork with a thickness of 2 millimeters, but you can choose a thicker cork. Be sure to handle the cork carefully, it is a fragile material.

Adhere with double sided tape

Remove the paper tape from the table and place the double-sided adhesive tape on the edge of the tray.

Stick every scale edge-to-edge on the edge of the tray.

Cut a new cork face for the table

Turn the table over on the cork. Mark the outline of the tray with a pen, and then cut the circle.

Stick the double-sided tape on the top of the tray and place the circle of cork on it.

And voilà, you can admire your new table!

7 easy steps to transform an IKEA stool into a cute table

7 easy steps to transform an IKEA stool into a cute table

The FROSTA stool hacked into a cute table

The IKEA Frosta stool hacked into a cute table

The former stool totally disappeared! We changed the positioning of the legs, so this table is not made to put your bottom there! But a good hot chocolate, books or decoration will find a nice place there!

See the complete tutorial on my blog.

~ by Sylvaine Beaudeux

Jules Yap