Wireless Charging Station embedded in IKEA BESTÅ

As part of a wider plan to redecorate my lounge in August of this year, I decided I wanted to add a charging station to the space. This will include wireless charging station to satisfy the growing number of devices in my house.

And you all know how regularly they all need charging.

IKEA Items used:
  • BESTÅ unit (1200 x 400 x 740)
  • MORIK Wireless Charger
  • GLIS box with lid (optional)

BESTA wireless charging station-1

IKEA currently offers a number of lamps and bedside tables which contain wireless charging pads. None of these I felt were appropriate for my lounge so instead I decided to buy the MORIK wireless charging unit.

The description of the MORIK suggests it needs to be completed with a SELJE or NORDLI bedside table. But I intended to install it on my existing BESTÅ unit (which has been pressed into service as a TV unit).

Here’s how made my built-in wireless charging station

BESTA wireless charging station-2

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First, drill a 56mm diameter hole in the top of the BESTÅ unit. (I set the hole at 200mm from each edge of the BESTÅ to avoid existing screws and support strips).

BESTA wireless charging station-3

Once I had drilled my hole it became apparent why IKEA recommend the MORIK only be used with the suggested pieces of furniture.

The charging pad was sat too deep in the top of the BESTÅ unit to do any charging whatsoever. (I already knew this would be the case as I had previously measured the depth of the unit).

BESTA wireless charging station-4

To get the MORIK to work I would have to cut away the underside of the existing unit. This proved easy as the unit top is hollow and the material used to make the underside was thin enough to be cut. I used a very sharp Stanley knife. (Watch your fingers!).

Once the shape was cut, I removed the cardboard webbing. Then, I padded out the inside with some offcuts of 18mm skirting board.

Re-installing the MORIK wireless charger

Next, I inserted the MORIK unit and attached it to the skirting board offcuts with some 15mm screws.

BESTA wireless charging station-6

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The finished result looks great, a wireless charging station which sits seamlessly in my unit underneath my wall-mounted TV.

The MORIK also has an in built USB port underneath it which is still accessible from within the BESTÅ unit.

I complemented this with a GLIS box full of USB cables for charging devices that currently don’t have wireless charging.

BESTA wireless charging station-5

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