Dalfred barstool to nightstand hack

IKEA Dalfred barstool to nightstand hack

IKEA items used: Dalfred barstol

I was in need of a nightstand, went to IKEA to get some inspiration.
But couldn’t find one that was small enough to fit the small gap next to my bed.
Took another lap around IKEA and my eyes fell upon the Dalfred barstool, it would perfectly fit that gap.
But the seat would only fit my alarm clock and glasses, no book.

So I decided to build a little shelf on the footrest for my books to hang out.

For this Hack you need the Dalfred barstool, straps (I used ratchet straps) and a glue gun.

I started off on one end gluing the strap in a loop around the bar that makes the footrest.
Ran the strap over to the other side, did the same over the bar and then cut off the strap.
I did this until I ran out of space.
Then I turned Dalfred around and started off on the other side, but this time I ran the strap over and under the existing straps to make a woven pattern.

And et voilà you have a Dalfred nightstand with a little shelf for your book to hang out on.

~ by Marie