IKEA two person desk for small home office

I had a single large desk and when both my wife and I worked from home – she was getting tired of working on the couch. So I decided to redo the office and construct a 2 person white IKEA desk.

IKEA items used:

  • LINNMON high gloss white 59 1/2 x 29 1/2
  • (2) ALEX 4 drawer unit
  • (2) OLOV adjustable legs
  • SIGNUM cable management
  • White board from as is section for backing
  • Grommet (non ikea) cable management
  • Dual sided sticky tape (non ikea)
IKEA minimalist two person desk

I went with the white high gloss LINNMON desk top because of the width needed to be able to support laptops back to back, and at 29 1/2 inches it gave me just that.

I added the ALEX drawers in the front for both a closed off front and for much needed storage of office items. Initially intended to fill gap between drawers, but liked the little gap and might be useful if I put a lamp there in the future. The height was also just right (tried using KALLAX shelving unit with/without top and height was an issue). I attached the LINNMON to the ALEX by simply using extra strong / thick 2 sided tape.

IKEA minimalist two person desk

Using OLOV adjustable legs to match the height of the ALEX drawers and give some metal to the desk (matching other chrome parts of the office). I placed a white board in the back to close off the desk and provide an area for power cords to hide behind. I attached my docking station to the white back board, to get my laptop out of the way and use a cordless keyboard/mouse giving me flexibility to push things out of the way if space is needed.

Finally for cable management, I added the SIGNUM underneath, and drilled a hole in the center of the desk and added a white grommet cover to keep the cables from falling through.

IKEA minimalist two person desk

The biggest challenge was getting something to fit in the space and be the right height along with my requirements: dual desk, storage, durable (one of my kids is nicknamed the destroyer), modern looking, and ability to hide cables. I went through a few renditions including KALLAX shelving for the front. It turned out perfect, and would be fairly easy and cheap to replace the LINNMON desktop if needed (destroyer).

~ by Blake Baron