Rocket playhouse


IKEA items used: Nornäs bookcase elements (3), Kura bed, Hektar lamp (2)

Three Nornäs bookcases were mounted on each other and fixed to the wall. The top one was flipped around, with the opening facing the bedside. This way, all bookcase compartments are accessible for children (the top one from the top of the bed).

The Kura bed was covered in pine planks, sawn in the shape of a rocket (well, sort of… 🙂 ), with one porthole at the top and a double door at the bottom. A few additional beams were mounted to prevent falling.


The bookcases were also covered in pine planks. This hides the backside of the top case and the (white/red-brown) paintwork integrates the whole construction with the rest of the room.

Two Hektar clamp LED spotlights were installed, one at the top and one at the bottom. Old garden Christmas lights were integrated into the ‘rocket’, to indicate when the rocket is in flight. 🙂