Space-saving Ikea Hack Desk Tidy / Organiser

01 deskpots_20

Ikea items used:

  • 3 Bygel or Sunnersta containers in white. I used Bygel containers but they have since been replaced by Sunnersta containers, which are more rectangular but are a perfect substitute.

2 Deskpots_01


Other items and tools required:

  • Net curtain wire (I bought mine from B&Q and the pack included hooks and eyes).
  • Hooks and eyes for curtain wire (may already be included in net curtain wire pack).
  • Cable clips.
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters
  • Pin hammer

3 Deskpots_11

Step-by-step instructions

(The edge of the desk where the containers will be suspended is approximately 44cm deep and approximately 18mm thick)

1. Screw two hooks into the side edge of the desk about 1cm in from each end. Be careful not to split the MDF.

2. Use a tape measure to determine the length of net wire required for the width of the desk, making allowances for the additional length of the wire once the metal eyes have been screwed into either end.

3. Cut the net wire to the required length using wire cutters and screw the metal eyes into each end.

4 Deskpots_03

4. Attach the net wire by slipping the metal eyes over the hooks on the side of the desk.

5 Deskpots_04

6 Deskpots_05

5. Using a metal tape measure, mark the net wire one-third of the way along and again two-thirds of the way along.

7 Deskpots_08

8 Deskpots_09

6. Pin the net wire in place at the marked points using cable tidy tacks (or whatever they’re called!)

7. Suspend the Bygel containers from the desk by hooking them over the net wire.



That’s it!

Your space-saving desk tidy/organiser is ready to fill with pens and pencils etc.

See complete tutorial on my blog.

~ by Jane Taylor