Creating an extra-short Grundtal rail using a junior hacksaw and a bottle of wine

Grundtal Rail -13

The Grundtal kitchen organiser series is one of Ikea’s classic lines, a simple, modern and practical storage system with a ‘professional kitchen’ look. We’ve already got a couple of rails for pots and pans and I wanted to add another to a bit of wall next to our oven. Unfortunately the shortest Grundtal rail that IKEA sell (40cm) was about 15cm too long for wall I had in mind. I needed a modified extra-short version. Here is my way of customising the length of a Grundtal rail using a hacksaw and a bottle of wine.

Grundtal Rail -3

1 x 40cm Grundtal Rail (Article no: 002.135.39)
1 x Bottle of wine (with cork)
1 x 5mm Rawlplug
1 x Screw

Junior Hacksaw
Stanley Knife

Step 1: Use junior hacksaw to cut the rail down to the required length – this inevitably involves hacking off one of the threaded nuts used to secure the rail to a bracket.

Grundtal Rail -4

Step 2: Remove cork from your bottle of wine, drill a 6mm hole down the middle, and insert a 5mm rawlplug.

Grundtal Rail -2

Step 3: Using a knife, trim the cork evenly around the sides until you can squeeze it into the end of the rail.

Grundtal Rail -5

Step 4: Attach rail to the bracket using a 30mm screw into the ‘corked’ end of the rail.

Grundtal Rail -6

Step 5: Mount your extra-short Grundtal rail on the wall. Stand back, admire, drink bottle of wine.

Grundtal Rail -7 Grundtal Rail -8

Despite its simplicity, I’m rather pleased with this IKEA hack. Not only has it elegantly solved my middle-class problem of where to store basil, but as an added bonus, the by-product is a full bottle of red wine. Cheers.

Grundtal Rail -12

~ by Tom Baughan