Hack an A-Frame Display Board for Jewelry

IKEA items used: Komplement Shelves x 2

So my wife started a little hobby business with a friend to make and sell jewellery. We all know how expensive starting up any business is, no matter what the size, so to help out with the displaying of the jewellery I used some slightly damaged Komplement Shelves that I had to make some A-Frame Display Boards for them.

1. I started out with ensuring I had all the parts required for the build. 2 x Komplement Shelves as detailed in the link above. 2 x Brass Plated Hinges, and some 25mm Square Hooks. Lastly some string to make a maximum open angle.

Step 1-Hooks-1

2. I measured out where I wanted the hinges to be attached, and pre-drilled small holes for the screws on the back of the shelf. Then I attached the hinge to one shelf, and made sure it lined up on the second of the shelves before attaching.

Step 2-Brass Plated Hinges-2

3. Next while the A-frame was closed, I found the center of the shelf, and measured out 25mm either side of center, 50mm from the bottom of the A-frame. At the designated spots, I drilled through both boards. This is for the string.

4. Next I cut the string 1 meter in length. Looped an end through each of the two holes, on the front board of the A-frame, and through the rear hoes and tied the string off. That allows the A-Frame to open, with string stretch, roughly 500mm, which is more than enough for this purpose

5. This next part will be different for everyone, depending on your use. For the cards and Jewellery to fit so potential customers can access easily, I gave 150mm gap between each row of hooks. So measured this out.

Step 5&6 - Measurements-3

6. Next was how many cards on each row looked right. It was decided 6 per row, so after some deliberation, i marked out where the hooks would be placed. 50mm from each side, and then 94mm in for the next two hooks, then a further 94mm in for the last two hooks. Doing it from each side for three, as the middle two hooks are actually only 93mm apart.

Step 7 - Post drilling-4

7. I used a 3mm drill bit, and taped to just short of the depth of the thread on the hooks. A tedious task, of pre-drilling the holes was so worth it, with the ease of installing the hooks.

8. Once all the hooks were screwed in hand tight, using pliers, I rotated the hooks to the correct vertical position, being careful not to apply too much pressure.

Step 9 - Ready to Paint or Use-5

9. You have a cheap and very easy to make A-frame that you can use for whatever purpose you want. An alternative to using it as a display rack like this, is to get some chalkboard paint, and paint the shelves with chalkboard paint. Good for kids or shops.

Step 10 - Display