Klippan Armchair Project

KLIPPAN armchair-1

IKEA items used: Klippan two seater sofa

We are in the process of changing our sofa, and wanted to make use of our old Klippan sofa rather than just throwing it out.

We had space for an armchair so decided to shorten the sofa to create an armchair.

The tops of the arms come off therefore didn’t need any modification.

That leaves the seat and the back, both of these parts needed modification. All you need to do is cut them down to size (easier said than done). These two pieces have long cross members with end caps. One side of the sofa can remain intact. On the other side the cloth needs to be removed to expose the end cap. Once this is done you can carefully remove the staples that hold the end cap together. I used a screwdriver and a hammer for this.

I added a temporary piece of wood width ways to support the shape while removing the end cap and cutting down the cross members, before cutting the cross members you will need to cut the foam to size, I made the seat 56 cm wide.

Once the cross members have been cut the end cap can be replaced. This process needs to be done for both the seat and the backrest.

Once the armchair was completed it was wrapped in fake leather (Faux leather).

KLIPPAN armchair-2

KLIPPAN armchair-3

I have given a general guide as to how the project was achieved obviously you will need to follow your nose and work out the finer details as you go.

~ by Asif