LACK Monitor Stand on Rails (with USB hub)

LACK Monitor Stand on Rails (with USB hub)

IKEA Items:

  • LACK Wall shelf, White
  • LANSA Handle, stainless steel 9 5/8”


  • Sabrent 7 Port USB 3.0 HUB
  • Tiny set of screws, no more than a 1-2 inches (My dad had some lying around)
  • Strong Double Sided tape (My dad had this, he doesn’t remember where he got this)
  • 1 inch diameter wooden dowel

1. After catching inspiration off of another Ikea Hack, I decided to recreate it for myself however make it a little more functional. I purchased and/or found the parts required to build this hack from the list of items above. Since I wanted the usb hub mounted at the bottom of the LACK shelf, I had to find some new stands for the shelf. I found the LANSA handles which will fit perfectly.

2. Since the LANSA handles have to be attached to the shelf, you have many ways but I ended up having a couple ideas:

  • Buy four screws (M4 0.7 x 100mm) which you can then trim to have screw into the LANSA handles
  • The way that I did it, which keeps it cleaner, is use the wooden dowel and slice four pieces (I will follow this process)

3. With the four slices of the wooden dowel, they are going to behave as the attachment to the shelf and the handles. I sliced the wooden dowels to about a half inch however you can do to whatever your liking is. The key to the wooden dowel is it’s going to create an attachment for the handle then also provide a space for another screw to attach it to the shelf.

LACK monitor stand on rails

4. Repeat for each dowel. Find the center of each slice. Then drill a small hole to the diameter of the screws provided by the LANSA handles. The screw should be able to fit straight through the dowel slice.

5. For each dowel slice, to make the connection smooth and flush with the shelf, find another drill bit that will be a little larger in diameter than the screw top to create a kind of counter bore or a little pocket, deep enough for the screw to fit inside the wooden dowel but hides the head of the screw. (See image). The sketched image that I obtained from thisoldhouse, just displays what I mean. The screw should remain hidden from eye level. In that case, the wooden dowel with the screw can now be attached to the shelf completely flush.

pilot hole
6. Be careful on the proper size of the holes used because you do not want to crack the wooden dowels, otherwise they will crumble and you’ll have to repeat the process.

7. To prepare the wooden dowels for attaching to the LACK shelf, with the tiny screws that you have, just drill a real tiny hole offset from the main center hole that was prepared earlier. This tiny hole will allow a screw to now attach the handles to the shelf. Make sure you drill a properly sized hole otherwise, you may crack the wooden dowel. Each dowel should have two holes. Offset the hole enough so you can come in with a screw driver and manually attach the screw.

8. Once you have all four wooden dowels finished, now attach the LANSA handles and wooden dowels together with the screws. They should attach with the larger hole.

9. Determine the orientation and location of the handles as desired on the shelf. Wherever you decide to attach the handles, the next step is to take the same drill bit that was used to create the tiny drilled hole. Place the drill with the drill bit into the already created hole and drill a tiny hole through the LANSA shelf. This will create the hole for the screw to attach the handle + wooden dowel to the LANSA shelf. Repeat for all four attachment points.

10. Take the tiny screws and gently screw the screws through the wooden dowels and through the shelf. For each of the 4 points, the handle should now be attached to the shelf. If you perform this correctly and based on the toughness of the wooden dowel, you should be able to gently inlay the screw head into the wooden dowel to make it as flush to the wood as you can. But that is based on preference. Be careful because I cracked one of my wooden dowels in this step.

11. Your stand should be now fully operational without the USB hub.

LACK Monitor Stand on Rails (with USB hub)

12. If you want to attach the USB hub, use double sided tape or any other process you prefer, and attach the hub. Congrats, you are now finally done. It should raise your monitor to about 4 5/8”.

LACK Monitor Stand on Rails (with USB hub)

~ by Reid C.