Rast + Kallax = New Desk

IKEA RAST desk hack - final

IKEA items used: Rast and Kallax

The Rast dresser was painted to match the turquoise Kallax I already had.

finished IKEA Rast dresser - The Handyman's Daughter

I planked together 1×6 and 1×3 boards to create the desk top, with a lip at one end.

planked desk top completed - The Handyman's Daughter

A scrap of 2×4 with small angle brackets along the top was attached to the wall at the studs level with the top of the Rast dresser to provide support along the back of the desk.

How to connect the desk top to the IKEA Rast dresser - The Handyman's Daughter

The other end of the desk top has a lip that attaches to the side of the Kallax with Wall Dog screws. A 2×2 serves as a leg for the outside corner, and is attached with another angle bracket.

underside of IKEA desk hack - The Handyman's Daughter

Now I have plenty of storage, and a place to draw up plans for more IKEA hacks!

To see the full tutorial, please check out my blog post here.

~ Vineta at The Handyman’s Daughter

Jules Yap