Shiny black ALSEDA stool

After the cats ripped my ALSEDA stool apart, I was wondering how to repair it. Then I started crocheting with VHS video-tapes and the inspration struck!

ALSEDA seat shred to pieces

I took the rest of the banana leaf cover off – you’ll need strong scissors for the radial spikes – I used poultry scissors. Finally I was left with the black steel frame. Since the banana leaves are thicker than a video-tape “blanket” I sewed a layer of foam rubber onto the seating. Then crocheted a “blanket” in rounds and connected it to the seating. The sides were covered with a long band, that I crocheted directly to the frame.

ALSEDA seat with VHS tape crochet

This is a picture from underneath which shows the frame and the layer of foam.

ALSEDA seat with VHS tape crochet

In the final photo you’ll see that the tapes come in slightly different shades of grey or black, which I don’t mind at all.

~ Susanne