Make a Rustic Step Stool in 60 minutes

A quick and easy paint job to upgrade the BEKVÄM into a rustic step stool.

I so wish that we had an IKEA close by.  The closest one to us is about 90 minutes away {sad face} so I only get to go once or twice a year.  

Therefore, my husband and I try to make it a date and also try to load up as much as we can!

I took out all of the pieces and made sure I had everything. (Nothing worse than driving four hours to find that your are missing a screw). We were all good. 

Rustic Step Stool

For this project:

  • BEKVÄM step stool from IKEA
  • Minwax gel stain in walnut
  • Valspar paint sample from Lowes in Posh Red (Ever wonder who gets to name paint colors?  I seriously think I could love that kind of job!)
  • Painters tape
  • Stencils
  • Foil washi tape from dollar general (only 2 bucks and there are two rolls in the package)
  • Upholstery tacks
  • Sponge brush
  • Chip brush
  • and an hour of time

DIY Rustic Step Stool


I then used the painters tape to make my lines for the top and the step.

Once it was taped off (Confession – I rarely measure) I took out the gel stain and applied it with a small chip brush according to manufacturer’s guidelines, then wiped off the excess.


While the stain was drying, I opened my paint sample. I started painting the supports and sides with the foam brush.

Now for my favorite part – THE REVEAL!

I seriously love taking the tape off and seeing my beautiful stripes.  I love stripes. and polka dots and chevron. {Sigh} they all make me smile. 🙂  Do you love patterns?  Anything specific?


I used two coats of the red. It dried fast like a stain so was easy peasy!

Next, I stenciled my letters on.

None of us are perfect, so…

  1. Started with me stenciling “no.1,” I did it on the top. DUH. That is the second step up.  Not step one!
  2. Plus, I didn’t pay attention to my placement and it actually ended up backwards when I went to assemble it all.
  3. Epic fail number three came quickly behind the other two when I was assembling the sides I put those on backwards too!  As my beloved Gram would say: BROTHER REBA!
Rustic Step Stool

So let me fix all of these errors {must have been new blog jitters?}  

Once I got myself and the step stool back in order I completed the staining of the numbers.  

Then, I simply used a 120 grit sandpaper to ‘erase’ my mistake with the No.1 misplacement. No big deal.

To finish it all off I wrapped the metallic washi tape around the edges.  Isn’t it pretty?  

It took two rolls and since the packages were with random colors of metallic silver, gold, green and blue — I did have to buy a few packages.  At 2 bucks, I am not complaining.

Rustic Step Stool

And then to add more of the industrial feel I nailed in some upholstery tacks to corner areas.

Rustic Step Stool

At first, I didn’t think that the tacks were functional and that they were merely for decoration.  

However, it helps secure the tape — especially at the seems — in the long run. Not to mention, that sometimes a little bling really completes the look and feel of a piece!

I am so happy with the end result!  What do you think?  

Can you believe that even with my oopsie daisy moments — it still took only about an hour? Below, you can see some of the details.

Rustic Step Stool
Rustic Step Stool
Rustic Step Stool
Rustic Step Stool

~ by Jenny

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