The Staff of Ikea-curtains

IMG 0957

Cosplay Timelady Staff

IKEA items used:
– HUGAD black curtain rod 120-210 cm
– BLÅST Finials, a pair
– ENTRERÄTT finials, a pair

I needed a Rassilon like staff for my Timelady Cosplay. One of the description of Rassilon’s staff top has “a sphere that looks like a galaxy is swirling in a glass ball”. But creating a glass ball ending for a staff looked difficult, and would yield a fragile one.

Cosplay Timelady Staff

So I simply went for a curtain rod staff.

I set a BLÅST Finial at the smaller end of the HUGAD, a ENTRERÄTT finial at the bigger end. I am planing to add some blue glass paint on the BLÅST, around the golden glass paint (stars).

Cosplay Timelady Staff

~ by Marmidotte

Jules Yap