Upgraded IKEA SKOGSTA Wall Shelf with bag hangers

Upgraded IKEA SKOGSTA Wall Shelf with bag hangers

List of items:

  • 2 IKEA STOGSTA Wall Shelves
  • 2 IKEA STOGSTA Chopping boards
  • 8 smaller brass brackets
  • 1 round timber (length 1300 mm, diameter: 30 mm)
  • 4 screw hooks
  • 4 IKEA BRANES basket or any other (optional)
  • wood screws, screws and anchor for wall mounting
  • standard tools


Note: The STOGSTA items are quite heavy. Two people for assembly are recommended. Use adequate screw sizes for wall mounting.

Photo: IKEA.com

1. Assemble the wall shelves and mount them on the wall according to the IKEA instructions. The distance between the shelves should be equal to the size of your baskets.


2. Mount the chopping boards to the wall shelves with the brass brackets (see image above). It could be easier to remove the shelves from the wall and mount everything together on the floor. Start with mounting the boards on the upper shelf. Be careful to keep the correct distance between the shelves and hang it back on the wall when finished (two people!)

3. Slide the round timber bar through the holes of the chopping boards. The diameter of the holes is not exactly 30 mm. I have sanded the holes a bit. If the bar sits more tightly in the holes, no further fixation is needed.

4. Screw the hooks into the timber bar


5. Optional: I have added a stand in the middle of the bar to take a bit of the bags’ weight.

~ by Guido & Nina Kudielka

Jules Yap